The who and what and why

About Art.assist4teachers

We are an unlikely, but dynamic partnership between a graphic artist and teacher - Velma, and an art-wannabe, internet surfer - Frances.


Velma: “As a seasoned and experienced primary school Visual Art teacher, I have used my graphic design training to form the foundation of my unique and passionate approach to teaching Visual Art”.

Frances: “I am a dedicated keyboard researcher – always on the lookout for new information and new ideas. I use these skills to put together concise and meaningful PowerPoint presentations”.

Together, we set about creating a Visual Art resource that follows the CAPS curriculum and is designed specifically for the context of the South African classroom..

We hope that our enthusiasm for the arts rubs off on you and that in turn, our Teacher Guides, related worksheets and templates, will give you peace of mind in your busy, busy schedule.


Visual Art lesson preparation is one of the most time-consuming jobs that a teacher has.

By offering ready-made, easy-to-use Teacher Guides and Lesson Plans, we want to help Grade 7 Visual Arts teachers save time and energy.

Our aim at Artassist4teachers is to share our passion for inspired art lessons.



We specialise in supplying the methodology of the lesson with the TEACHER in mind.

Well-researched background information provides the framework for excellent lessons and gives the teacher easy access to material on art basics, history, styles, and methods.

Because our Teacher Guides are presented in a unique step-wise way, it’s like having your own personal expert in your classroom with you, helping and guiding you through the lesson.

For generalist teachers who have suddenly found themselves as the “new” Visual Art teacher, these guides are invaluable in getting you up to speed. Our Teacher Guides are also suitable for home schoolers and online tutors.


International Teachers

To our overseas colleagues: Don’t be put off by the fact that these lessons have been formulated specifically for the South African CAPS curriculum! They follow the universal concepts of art that are taught worldwide.

Each lesson is now available as a single item easily accessible to teachers in other countries.

Art.assist4teachers - Putting YOU first - Saving YOU time!