Just about everything you need to complete your teacher's file and to prepare for

CAPS Grade 7 Visual Art


Let’s face it, teaching art can be intimidating, time-consuming and often frustrating.

Our structured lesson plans make it easy to complete your teacher’s file and to prepare for CAPS Grade 7 Visual Art with step-by-step illustrated instructions, design templates, rubrics, and more.

Our offerings are based on proven personal teaching strategies and many years of experience in the classroom

These “do-able” art lessons are suitable for both novice and experienced teachers.

Get to grips with art concepts and methods. Navigate the curriculum and teach Practical Visual Art in the classroom with confidence.

Save time and effort finding the right resources, materials, and methods to construct 3D objects and create 2D art. Our lessons promote simple, inexpensive materials.

Engender enthusiasm and interest in learners with our guided art lesson plans.


Ready-to-teach art

A great way to introduce art principles, elements and concepts.

We have taken away the pain of spending hours on research, by preparing short slide presentations that cover the theory aspect of the art syllabus. Easy-to-understand explanations with interesting visual examples will stimulate learner interest in this subject and broaden their knowledge of art. 


Teacher’s guides

Lesson preparation made easy. Our guides are based on years of practical art teaching experience and are a simple, yet effective way to get the message across.

These guides provide all the information needed to teach the recommended themes of the syllabus. Each task is clearly described in simple steps with advice on possible pitfalls, a list of materials, and expected outcomes. There is also a rubric designed to assist the teacher in allocating marks for the completed project.


Learner worksheets

Art projects can be daunting for both learner and teacher.  Our worksheets provide easy methods to achieve the prescribed task.

The requirements are broken down into manageable parts and the step-wise process helps to explain the required outcome. Suddenly, the impossible becomes possible, with learners gaining a sense of satisfaction in their endeavours. A handy checklist assists the learner in keeping track of the various stages of the task.


Baseline tests & memos

A useful tool to determine what the learners have been taught and what they have retained.

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Workpacks per theme and full term packs available

Frequently asked questions

No, of course not! These lesson plans form the same function as downloaded worksheets. These are worksheets for teachers (that are going to save you a lot of time). They will also greatly assist you when you have to fill in your termly or annual teaching plan since you will have most of the information at your fingertips.


The main product picture is there to give you an idea of the number of documents in each specific Workpack. A quick click on the picture allows you to see each magnified document separately. The purchased Workpack will download and print out perfectly clear and sharp.

Even if your curriculum differs, the basic art information does not. The fundamentals stay the same no matter in what order it is packaged.

The practical worksheets are easily understandable. They are no different from any type of recipe. They might make reference to class size, but it is easy to ignore that. The materials used are also easy to acquire.

There is always some teacher nervousness when using new material. There is no reason why you cannot use some of these worksheets, particularly the basics such as the Colour Wheel and the Monochrome work sheet. The Principles and Elements of Art are for Grades 4-7 so that can be used as well. Keep in mind though, that Grade 6 has its own syllabus, and that the syllabus work should be completed first before doing additional projects. That said, all schools diverge for special occasions during the year where other projects or competitions take place. You might have found a really helpful source here!

Art.assist is here to rescue you! The workpacks are designed for both new and seasoned teachers. Our material is designed to align with the CAPS syllabus.

We can assure you that these projects have been designed in such a manner as to use the most basic of equipment (pencil and paper) and recycled or found material. Of course, some projects, like clay sculpture, could be a bit pricey, but that is unavoidable if you intend to follow the syllabus.

This is a relatively new site and I can assure you that we intend to supply the next term’s work before too long. The elves are working overtime! I might add that we are looking to provide material for the Intermediate phase as well (Grades 4-6).

We always welcome feedback, especially the positive kind! You can post your projects on our Instagram page or Facebook page or simply email us. Don’t forget to like and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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Art.assist4teachers Putting YOU first - Saving YOU time!

Over the last few years the world of teaching has changed quite remarkably. As you know, it has gone from being strictly in the classroom, to the teacher using hybrid methods of teaching in both classroom and online, and in some cases, reverting back again to the classroom.

Whatever the method you use, having a documented lesson plan that supports what you are teaching in class remains a fundamental teacher requirement and it is absolutely necessary for completing term- or year-planning. You are probably only too aware of how time-consuming and stressful preparing documents from scratch can be, and this is where we come in…


In collaboration with my sister-in-art, Frances, we set about creating a Visual Art resource that follows the CAPS curriculum, and is designed specifically for the context of the South African classroom. Teachers from other countries will find our worksheets follow the universal concepts of art that are taught worldwide.


After many hours, and much keyboard bashing, we hope that we have put together material that you, the art teacher, will find helpful, give you inspiration, and above all, save you time.

Artistically yours