This Teacher’s Guide will provide a framework to assist you in getting the best out of your learners while teaching a complex subject.

All the information and resources that you will need to teach and complete this Figure Drawing project is provided using easy-to-understand instructions and guidelines. The logical steps to make a Figure Drawing are explained. Using a photographic reference image, the learner is introduced to the technique of the grid-drawing method for completing two projects: a full figure, continuous-tone pencil rendering and a portrait using coloured pencils in a tonal square.

The Teacher’s Guide offers advice and Figure Drawing instructions as well as photographic reference pictures, templates and grids. There are also completed examples to show the learners.


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A practical worksheet on the basics of Figure Drawing.
The logical steps towards understanding and making a Figure Drawing are explained:

  • The grid-drawing method;
  • Continuous tone pencil rendering and
  • Use of coloured pencils in a tonal square.

The lesson plan includes:

  • Teacher’s Guide and lesson plan
  • Templates
  • Rubric to allocate marks for the Figure Drawing project
  • Learners’ check list
  • Photographic example for teacher file


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